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Pirates Den (known by all as PD’s) was founded in 1987,  hidden in the back of Galleria Plaza on Seven Mile Beach.

Our famous award winning wings are what first made us famous, but now our full menu is just as amazing! Fun, inventive, fresh & delicious! - every item is cooked to order and all of the food is prepared fresh everyday. We are committed to you the customer - to have the greatest sports & food experience - every time. Our staff are devoted to making sure you get the highest quality of food - right down to the bone!

PD’s, as much as much a sports bar is also known for its family restaurant, always has catered to locals. In turn, their word of mouth attracts visitors of all kinds, such as Rockstar Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Boxer Riddick Bowe and of course radio DJ " The Undertaker"

PD’s motto of "you don’t need a sliver fork to get good food" has made PD’s the island's most popular bar and restaurant.

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